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..... In Loving Memory.....

05/12/04 - 11/17/06



V-1 Rated

Cajun Von Scosher

OFA Hips:   Excellent

OFA Elbows:   Clear 


 Whelped: 5/12/04


Bred By: Scott and Sherry Allen

Owned by: Scott and Sherry Allen


Some of Cajun's  wins include:

04/05 AIRK CJRV Sieger Show, SG-1 from the 9-12 month Class under George Smith, AKC

09/05 AIRK N.E.R.F Sieger show, V-1 + Youth Siegerin from the 12-18 month class under Josef Hedl, AKC, FCI

10/05 USRC NE Regional Sieger Show, SG  from the 12-18 month class under Wayne Simanovich, USRC

04/06 USRC National Sieger Show, SG-3 (26entered) from the 18-24 Month class under Dirk Vandercasteele, FCI Belgium

10/06 AIRK N.E.R.F Sieger show, V- from the Open class under Steve Wolfson, AKC, USA


28 months old

15 Months old


14 months old


10 months old



6 Months old

16 weeks old


10 weeks old

7 1/2 weeks old


In the following pedigree, you can click any picture to see an enlarged picture of that dog.

Pedigree for Cajun

ThunderVly's Juri Von Vrindavan
Multi V-1, AKC Ch. Evman's Thunder vom Legende, BH, TT, HIC, CGC
Most Beautiful Male in Show, 1999 ARV SE Regional
2000 Northstar Rottie Specialty Award of Merit

OFA: RO-56188E24M-T (Excellent hips),
RO-EL-2528-T (elbows clear),
RO-CA331/26M/S-T (heart normal),
RO-TH34/24M-T (thyroid normal),
CERF: RO-3432/98-25 (eyes clear),
VWD neg.

doc_vd_teufelsbrucke-th.jpg - 6887 Bytes
Int. Ch. Doc von der Teufelsbrucke, SchH3, FH, IPO3, BH, AD, Gekort bis, IFRSGR'95, '94'95'96 Klubsieger Top Stud Dog, HD-
Am/Int. Ch. Benno von der Schwarzen Heide, SchH3, FH, AD, IPO3, ZtP, WS, ES, BJS, TT, CGC (ARC Bronze Sire), HD-
Int. Ch. Bea von der Teufelsbrucke, SchH3, FH, AD, IPO3, Gekort bis EzA, BS'90'91'92, BJS'88, KJS'88, HD+/-
Vom Legende's Echo Of Santo, TT, HIC, CGC, RO-38964G24F
Am/Int. Ch. Santo vom Schwaiger Wappen, SchH3, FH, AD, IPO3, Gekort bis, WS'86, (ARC Silver Sire), HD+/-
Angel's Night Dream, TT, CGC, RO-22809G25F
Multi-V1 Blackriesen's Jani von Evman, BBT, TT, HIC
Int. & Hung. Ch. Gox vom Blackriesen, IPO1, ZtP, HD-
'93 Hungaria Prima Junior and BOB, '94 Hungarian Klubsieger, '95 Slovakian Klubsieger
Fulco v.t. Straotje, IPO1, HD+/-
H. Ch. Rainbow Aida, HD-
Hungarian & American Champion Rott-Berger Zserbó, IPO1, E, AD, BH, Hung. Korung, ARV ZtP, HD-, OFA Good
Hungarian Junior Champion
Hungarian Youth Clubsiegerin '95
HDV Clubsiegerin '95
Austrian Bundessiegerin '95
GRCH Klubsiegerin '96
Stockerau Siegerin '96 & Best Female in Show
1999 ARV National Clubsiegerin & Most Beautiful Female in Show
21x V1 rated in conformation
HCh. Brando von der Wasserwald, IPO1, HD-
Rott-Berger Jaffa, HD-
HD +/-, ED frei
European Champion, Intl. Champion, Multi-National Champion, Austria Bundesieger, Germany Vice Bundesieger
Morro vom Hause Marker, SchH1, ZtP, HD-, ED-
Dux vom Duracher Tobel, SchH3, IPO3, FH, AD, BH, HD+/-
Int.Ch. Noris vom Gruntenblick, SchH3, BH, KS'91, KJS'90, HD-
Xandra vom Duracher Tobel, SchH3, FH, AD, BH, HD+/-
Aska Vom Altkonig
Int/VDH Ch. Doc von der Teufelsbrucke, SchH3, FH, IPO3, BH, AD, Gekort bis, IFRSGR'95, HD-
Rike vom Kleinen Born
INT CH, YU CH, Zana Mar-Ub HD Frei, IPO1
Multi CH, INT CH,YU,BULG,HUNG,GER CH Falko Vom Sittard HD Frei, ED-, IPO1
Int.Ch. Noris vom Gruntenblick, SchH3, BH, KS'91, KJS'90, HD-
INT/BELG/LUX DT, VDH CH, Bundjsgr 1992, Citta Vom Sittard, HD Frei, AD,BH, ZTP, IPO1
YU CH Una Mali Medvjed IPO1
Chris Vom Obergrombacher Schloss, BS 1989, SCH3, AD, Gekort BIS., HD-
Yu CH, Xola Vom Zimmerplatz

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