With help from friends along the way, Von Scosher Rottweilers has been able to develop friendships with other Rottweiler enthusiasts here in the United States as well as overseas in Germany and parts of Eastern Europe. Thru these friendships we have been very fortunate over the past couple years to import some very fine Rottweilers for our breeding program, as well as for friends here in the states. Below you will find some of the dogs we have imported. If you might be looking for an import to add to your family, please let us know, and we will help you any way we can. Best Regards,

                                                                                                            Scott and Sherry Allen




Oscar vom Extrem                                   Face Top-Rot       


Bijou von der Janvari                   Zierde vom Wolfert Turm 


Nensy Zana's Baby                                        Niki            


     Rita                                        Olga vom Extrem       


Orsy vom Extrem